WindTerm v2.5.0官方便携版|远程连接工具


WindTerm 是一款多功能的 SSH/Telnet/Serial/Shell/Sftp 客户端。


WindTerm 是一款多功能的 SSH/Telnet/Serial/Shell/Sftp 客户端。


WindTerm v2.5.0官方便携版|远程连接工具


支持 sftp 窗口/ZMODEM
终端支持远程模式/本地模式(支持 vim 操作)
支持 SSH 代理转发
实现了 SSH v2, Telnet, Raw Tcp, Serial, Shell 协议
支持 windows Cmd, PowerShell, Cmd, PowerShell
支持 Linux bash, zsh, powershell core
支持 MacOS bash, zsh, powershell core



[SESSION] Supports auto completion for Linux Shell, MacOS Shell, PowerShell, Windows Cmd, Git and so on. Intro video
22 Git Commands
32 Windows Cmd Commands
42 Linux / MacOS Shell Commands
3695 PowerShell Commands of Windows Server 2022 and PowerShell v7.3
[SESSION] Supports auto completion for the command snippets from the QuickBar. Intro video
[SESSION] Supports auto completion for History Commands. Intro video
[SESSION] Supports the encrypted storage of command history. The default maximum number of history commands is 10000.
[SESSION] Supports modifying the default configuration of session. #775 #822
[SESSION] Supports ignoring bells received more than once within a specified second, the default is 2 seconds.
[SCHEME] Added macOS system, and all Shell sessions in the macOS system use the macOS by default.
[SSH] Supports Duplicate Session and Duplicate SSH Channel. #623 #669
[SHELL] Automatically add --login and -i parameters when importing Shell sessions. #753 #781
[SHELL] Automatically detect and set LANG environment variables. #347 #705
[TERM] Supports customizing the key values sent by the alt modifier key and meta modifier key.
[GUI] The filtering algorithm of the filter boxes is modified to a multiple pattern matching algorithm.
[GUI] Added Copy Command menu item in the term view to quickly copy the command output.
[GUI] Supports setting whether to enable auto completion, completion content, etc in Settings Dialog - Terminal - Auto Completion. #773 #784 #785 #786 #792 #811 #815 #860
[GUI] Supports setting the number of visual rows of the autocomplete list, and whether to preselect the most matching item in Settings Dialog - Terminal - Auto Completion.
[GUI] Supports setting whether to store history command, as well as storage size, storage time, etc. in Settings Dialog - Terminal - Command History.
[GUI] Supports deleting the saved history command in Settings Dialog - Terminal - Command History. #773
[GUI] Supports setting the bell style in Session Settings Dialog - Terminal - Bell, including Mute, Beep and Customized, the default is Beep. #654 #655
[GUI] Supports setting the Locale in Session Settings Dialog - Shell - Process - Locale environment variables. #347 #705
[TAB] Restore the last modified tab name. #626
[TAB] Automatically add a number sequence to tabs with the same title for easy identification.
[FILER] Add menu items Copy directory path and Copy directory path to terminal.


[SSH] Pageant and ssh-agent authentication are no longer performed by default.
[SSH] When the automatic login fails, the login will no longer restart, but will continue to log in manually. #857
[SSH] When a disconnection is detected during the login, the Reconnect button will be displayed to facilitate a quick reconnection.
[GUI] Add the Remember this step check box to control whether to remember the authentication information of the current step when logging in. #787 #857
[GUI] The filtering algorithm of the filter boxes prefers to match the first and consecutive characters.
[GUI] Set the shortcut key for the action Window.DuplicateView to Ctrl Shift D. #770
[GUI] Set the shortcut key for the action Terminal.OpenSession to Alt O.
[GUI] Change the shortcut key for the actionNew Session from Ctrl N to Alt N. #782 #800
[GUI] Disabled the Font Ligature feature of most input boxes.
[GUI] After clicking the clear authentication button, a message box will pop up to display the clear result.
[GUI] In the Session Settings dialog, only the modified configuration items are written to the configuration file.
[GUI] Replace all Window.ShowPane* with Window.TogglePane*. #880
[SCHEME] Cmd supports highlighting Slash Options.
[SCHEME] Impoved the highlighting of Slash Options.
[SESSION] The default lines of scrollback history is limited to 999999.
[SESSION] New reconnection requests are ignored during the connection process. #765
[SESSION] When using the mouse to select text in vim, the alt modifier key must be pressed simultaneously to enter free type mode. #897
[SESSION] In the free type mode, pressing the escape key will exit the mode instead of sending the key to the remote host.
[SESSION] Automatically executed commands are no longer trimmed. #870
[SENDER] The scroll bar is no longer forced to scroll to the bottom of the screen when sending commands.


[SSH] When creating a remote tunnel, the application will crash if the connected port is already in use. #767
[SSH] Closing a remote tunnel will cause other tunnels in the same session to be closed by mistake.
[SSH] Cannot log in correctly when the password contains !=. #679
[GUI] The menu item Session / Open Session does not open the Open Session dialog correctly.
[GUI] The Listen Port does not updated correctly when clicking on a different tunnel item in the Tunnels dialog.
[GUI] In full screen mode, the drop-down box of the address bar will pop up in a new window instead of the current window. #804
[GUI] When there is some wrapped lines, the terminal view may not be drawn correctly when the size changes.
[LOG] Failed to create log files when the session name contains illegal characters, such as :, |, <, >, etc.
[TAB] The text is not correctly elided according to the width of the tab.
[TERM] Special characters cannot be entered using the alt modifier key in macOS.
[SFTP] The configuration item SSH - SFTP - Automatically fix invalid path characters did not take effect when it was set to false.
[SCHEME] Percentages are incorrectly identified as command prompts. #897
[SESSION] Clink fails to start when the application path contains spaces. #736 #746
[SESSION] Unable to enter the Cyrillic characters р and Р. #783
[MODEM] The path pasted in the sz download dialog did not take effect. #836


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