Solid Explorer v2.4.0.200132 内购特别版


Solid Explorer,外观精致、功能强大的安卓文件管理器,本地文件管理器,云服务管理器。

- Material Design 设计风格!
- 支持更换不同的外观主题、配色方案、图标集
- 支持两个独立的操作面板可同时进行文件管理
- 支持面板内部之间的拖放操作
- 在取得Root权限的设备上是个完整功能的资源管理器
- 支持网络共享传输协议:FTP、SFTP、WebDav、SMB、CIFS
- 支持读取及解压ZIP、7ZIP、RAR、TAR文件,支持加密压缩文件
- 能够创建受密码保护的ZIP/7ZIP文件
- 支持云服务 Dropbox, Box, OneDrive, Google Drive,  Mediafire, Owncloud, Yandex, Mega
- 可扩展性: 支持从Google Play 商店里下载独立插件以获取更多功能
- 搜索索引能让你在几秒钟之内找到你的文件
- 详细的存储空间使用情况统计和文件信息
- 实用功能: 隐藏不常用的文件夹,FTP,书签,支持电视棒,媒体浏览器

Solid Explorer v2.4.0.200132 内购特别版


2018-04-08 v2.4.0
- brand new White theme
- revamped full version unlock screen
- better reminder about the trial period
- minor bug fixes

2018-02-16 v2.3.7 build 200128
- support for SMB 2
- improved Oreo compatibility
- Phone permission is no longer required
- text editor crashes
- cloud file transfer freezes
- many small bug fixes

2018-02-08 v2.3.6
- Fixed APK installation on Android Oreo (new permission added)
- Fixed displaying apk icons on Oreo

2018-02-01 v2.3.5
- compatibility with the latest FTP Server update
- fix for file overwrite on Dropbox
- improved compatibility with Android Oreo
- fixed Text Editor selection crash

2018-01-28 v2.3.4
- Fixed FTP Server crash
- Fixed inability to extract single files from archives
- Printers no longer listed as disk shares
- Fixed layout issue on Android 4.4

2018-01-16 v2.3.3
- Support for SMBv2 (please use with caution, it may be still unstable)
- Fixed freezes during cloud file transfers

2017-12-23 v2.3.2
- fixed Image Viewer issue when it was unable to swipe left/right
- fixed appearance on 18:9 screens (Pixel 2 XL, Essential Phone)
- minor bug fixes
- updated translations

2017-12-10 v2.3.1
fixed asking for password instead of fingerprint to access encrypted folders. All previous fingerprints must be reassigned, but they won’t be affected by this bug anymore.
- fixed root access on Oreo
- fixed shortcut picker causing the launcher to crash
- fixed random crashes when accessing Bookmarks and desktop shortcuts
- ability to turn off thumbnails
- updated translations

2017-11-24 v2.3.0
Android Oreo Compatiibility:
- fixed SD Card access
- fixed inability to extract single files from archives
- home screen shortcuts work properly for folders, files, bookmarks and storages
- external storage files are now moved without copying (Android 7 and newer)
- app shortcuts now also include the most frequently used folder bookmarks
- updated translations


by Balatan
FULL version properly unlocked | Drive works


Amazon Cloud Drive & S3 v1.0.2
USB OTG Plugin v1.0.6  已解锁版
FTP Server v1.2.2
MEGA v1.0.4
Cast v1.0


Solid Explorer v2.4.0 build 200132 + Plugins + Icon

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